Top Choice Mountain in Pyatigorsk

Mt Mashuk

There are various sites spread along the base of Mt Mashuk, some of which require long walks or a taxi to reach. Closer to the city centre, a cable car whisks you to the top of Mt Mashuk for a great panorama. The be…
Notable Building in Pyatigorsk

Drinking Gallery

Opposite Lermontov Gallery is a modern drinking gallery, where you can sample the local mineral water (cups are R4 if you need one).
Cable Car in Pyatigorsk

Mt Mashuk Cable Car

Closer to the city centre, a cable car whisks you to the top of Mt Mashuk for fresh breezes and a great panorama.
Hot Springs in Pyatigorsk


On the south slope of Mt Mashuk, the Proval natural spring lies hidden inside a cavern. There is a religious icon on the wall inside. Outside, a bronze statue of Ostap Bender, the fictional fraudster who ran a ticke…
in Pyatigorsk

Insect Museum

Museum in Pyatigorsk

Lermontov Museum

Many Pyatigorsk attractions revolve around larger-than-life writer, poet, painter, cavalry soldier, society beau and duellist Mikhail Lermontov. Chief among them is this museum. Three cottages contain some original …
Notable Building in Pyatigorsk

Lermontov Gallery

The striking light-blue and beautifully proportioned Lermontov Gallery, built in 1901 in cast iron with stained-glass windows, is now a concert hall. Closed for repairs at the time of writing, the gallery was due to…
Notable Building in Pyatigorsk

Spa Research Institute

The striking, classical-style Spa Research Institute, built in 1828 and rebuilt in 1955, was once Restoratsiya, the town’s first hotel and scene of the balls described in Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time.
Notable Building in Pyatigorsk


Adjacent to the drinking gallery is the university, which has some expressive gargoyles and bas-reliefs on its upper facade.
Notable Building in Pyatigorsk

Academic Gallery

The Academic Gallery is perched above the eastern terminus of pr Kirova. It was built in 1851 to house one of Pyatigorsk’s best-known springs, No 16 (currently closed). It was here that Lermontov’s antihero, Pechori…