Top Choice Georgian in Petrozavodsk


Despite a somewhat gaudy facade, Genyatsvale is a laid-back, tastefully decorated Georgian cafe with blown-up photos of the motherland on the walls. Serves perfectly made khachapuri po ajarski (flatbread filled with…
Top Choice Karelian in Petrozavodsk

Karelskaya Gornitsa

Claiming to be the first Karelian restaurant in the world, this ye-olde hot spot boasts excellent, hearty fare, including rabbit borsch and rich, gamey and fishy mains, washed down with its own medovukha (honey mead…
Fusion in Petrozavodsk

Deja Vu

Small but inexpensive salads, soups and light mains served in an upbeat, youthful atmosphere where the déjà vu in question is the Eiffel Tower, a giant photo of which is echoed in ironwork motifs above the bar.
Cafe in Petrozavodsk

La Parisienne

Come to this spacious European-style cafe for the good coffee, tea, and tasty pastries. Order the dill-topped pizza at your peril, though.
Ukrainian in Petrozavodsk

Dobra Khata

The rustic Ukrainian theme is worked to the max here – expect a cheery stove, woven tablecloths, sunflowers, clay jugs and nostalgic sepia prints of Ukrainian peasantry. Maidens in traditional costume serve you all …
Cafe in Petrozavodsk

Kafe Yablochnoe

This buzzing cafe opposite the Fine Arts Museum is decorated with apple motifs, and is popular with families for its tasty pastries, pancakes, cakes, as well as soups. Gets very busy at lunchtimes.
Cafe in Petrozavodsk

Pekarnya Bekker

Next to the train station, this 24/7 cafe is a decent enough place to wait for onward trains. Serves kalitki, a Karelian pastry.
Supermarket in Petrozavodsk


Enormous, well-stocked supermarket. There's a very good food court in the shopping centre above it, too.
Supermarket in Petrozavodsk


A well-stocked supermarket.