Top things to do

Top Choice Historic Site in Perm


Perm-36 (officially known as the Memorial complex of political repressions), located some 125km east of Perm, was a labour camp for dissidents from 1946 to 1987. In 1994 it became a museum complex run by the interna…
Top Choice Brewery in Perm

Molotov Bar & Beer Shop

Molotov Brewery has been making its own Russian craft beers since 2012 – and in 2016 it opened a bar, which fills up with a beer-loving crowd most nights. The changing menu includes local and Russian beers, with at …
Top Choice Russian in Perm

Expedicia Restaurant

If you're happy to splash out you'll find spectacular northern Russian cuisine served here, with wild game and local fish dishes highly recommended. There's also a banya, a hotel and a gift shop for those who want t…
Top Choice Performing Arts in Perm

Diaghilev Festival

Perm is said to be the third ballet mecca, following Moscow and St Petersburg. Every two years the Diaghilev Festival (named after the famous Russian ballet star Sergei Diaghilev) attracts arts fans with its rich ba…
Top Choice Museum in Perm

Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM

This museum was opened in 2009 with the aid of gallery dealer Marat Gelman. At that time it was housed in the historic Perm River Station Hall. It moved in 2014 and today continues to play a pivotal role in the Perm…
Museum in Perm

Museum of Perm Prehistory

The archaeological collection here encompasses over 2000 antiques, many from the Perm region. The highlight is a skeleton exhibit, where visitors will find a number of original and replica skeletons of dinosaurs and…
Russian in Perm

Permskaya Kukhnya

You can try Bashkir, Tatar, Russian and Finno-Ugric cuisine at this quirky and newly refurbished restaurant-museum. The manager is passionate about sharing his love for regional cuisine and might pop over to see wha…
Cultural in Perm

Kamwa Festival

The annual ‘ethno-futuristic’ Kamwa Festival held in summer in Perm and Khokhlovka brings together ancient ethno-Ugric traditions and modern art, music and fashion. Dates vary considerably each year – see the websit…
Balkan in Perm

Grill Taverna Montenegro

The trompe l’œil village fresco downstairs, upstairs pseudo-portico and outdoor terrace lend nice touches to this excellent restaurant. The Kalmyk lamb kebab is superbly grilled.
Ballet in Perm

Evgeny Panfilov Ballet Theatre

A wide range of dance performances are held here, some quite unique and memorable – such as performances by the 'Eugene Panfilov Ballet of the Fat' group.