Top Choice Balkan in Perm

Grill Taverna Montenegro

The trompe l’œil village fresco downstairs, upstairs pseudo-portico and outdoor terrace lend nice touches to this excellent restaurant. The Kalmyk lamb kebab is superbly grilled.
Russian in Perm


This restaurant for the well heeled and the literary inclined is actually two in one. Pasternak downstairs has a lounge-like, postmodernist cafe feel, while Zhivago upstairs is a fully fledged upmarket restaurant.
Cafeteria in Perm

Vkus Stranstvy

With the feel of a midpriced restaurant, the cheerful ‘Taste for Travel’ neo-stolovaya (canteen) serves some of the best cafeteria food in the Ural Mountains.
Georgian in Perm


This excellent Georgian restaurant makes good use of chilli in its dishes, including the excellent Tbilisi salad, a borsch with a chilli edge, and a good variety of shashlyk (meat kebab), served in a lavish but home…