Oryol attractions

Monument in Oryol

Ivan The Terrible Monument

Unveiled in late 2016, Russia's first monument to the formidable 16th-century tsar, Ivan the Terrible, has caused plenty of controversy. Locals protested against the plans for months and the planned location was mov…
Museum in Oryol

Ivan Bunin Museum

There’s a good collection of photos and other documents relating to the Nobel Prize–winning writer (no English captions, however), plus a 'Paris Room’ devoted to his years as an emigrant, including the bed in which …
Square in Oryol

Ploshchad Mira

The southern end of ‘Peace Square’ is easily identified by its WWII tank memorial, one of the original involved in liberating Oryol from German occupation in August 1943. Note the hammer-and-sickle symbols on the pa…
Museum in Oryol

Military History Museum

This detailed museum covers military history through the years, including the Napoleonic War, Russian Civil War, WWI and WWII, as well as more recent conflicts, such as in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Displays include …
Museum in Oryol

Turgenev Museum

Turgenev’s estate, Spasskoe-Lutovinovo, may be the literary mecca around these parts, but not to be outdone, Oryol has this museum filled with old photos and notes written by the man. There are tributes to Turgenev …
Museum in Oryol

Nikolai Leskov House Museum

Author and journalist Nikolai Leskov (1831–95), who wrote the book on which the opera Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk is based, is remembered at this museum. It's usually housed in a turquoise wooden mansion, but at the tim…
Park in Oryol

City Park of Culture & Rest

There's an amusement park (аттракционы) at the northeastern end of this leafy riverside park and a statue of the Russian novelist, Ivan Turgenev. You can rent rowing boats during the warmer months.
Museum in Oryol

Leonid Andreev House Museum

Inside this cottage, the birthplace of writer and dramatist Leonid Andreev, there is a beautiful piano and examples of Andreev’s art and photography: he was an early Russian exponent of colour photography and his co…
Monument in Oryol

Turgenev Statue

Inside the City Park of Culture & Rest you'll find this statue dedicated to the famous writer Turgenev, who was born in Oryol in 1818.
Historic Building in Oryol

Dom Knigi

Constructed in 1955, the exterior of this building is decorated with busts of famous writers and thinkers, including Lenin and Marx on the corner - now the entrance to a bank.