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Until the 17th century, Vologda was an important centre of industry, commerce and arts, with Vologda lace becoming renowned as a luxury item. However, with the development of St Petersburg, Vologda was pushed into the background. At the start of the 20th century, political undesirables such as Josef Stalin and religious philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev were exiled here. Nonetheless, for just a few months in 1918, Vologda became the diplomatic capital of Russia, and today this laid-back, church-studded city is a great base for exploring the region.

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Ice Cave tour

HighlightsIce caves with frozen waterfalls, rivers, crystals, and snow shapesPristine taiga forests of the Pinega National ParkCold, snow and ice of the real Russian winterMany-days road tripping from Moscow to the Russian NorthIce crossing of 3-km width of the North Dvina riverReal Russian countryside "off the beaten" tracks Exotic Northern lights experienceLocal life of the traditional Russian villageUnique museum of wooden architectureAbandoned villages, building, and ancient churches.ITINERARYDAY 1Arriving in MoscowWalking tour of Moscow City Center.Pub-crawl. DAY 2Up nice and early to get aboard our authentic Soviet van.Stop at the Sergiev Posad town, a popular tourist location and the spiritual home of the Russian Orthodox Church.Stop at the Rostov town famous for its beautiful scenery with numerous churches.Stop at the Yaroslavl city famous for its historic city center that was inscribed onto the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.Stop at the Vologda town for the night.DAY 3Road tripping to the Pinega town (another 800 km from Vologda). Enjoying the beer and the conversation while driving rural highways and stopping at the roadside cafes to see local life and taste local food. Just Russia as it is with vast tracts of virgin forests and rare towns.The crossing of 3-km width North Dvina River by ice (it's the official road).100 km of slow driving by slippery, bumpy, and winding winter road. Russian winter, Bible black and billions of stars will surround us in the middle of the empty Northern Wilderness pushing our minds to all kinds of philosophical thoughts.Arriving in Pinega.DAY 4-5Visiting first ice caves3-hours of snowmobile driving through taiga forests to the CaveRussian traditional bathhouseDAY 6-912 km off-roading through taiga forest to find a very small wooden house without even the slightest facilities.Next three days we will live in the middle of the taiga surrounded by millions of amazing caves and virgin forests. Be ready for trekking and hiking on DAY 10Moving back from the Taiga. The road to Archangelsk includes visiting the unique Museum of Wooden architecture «Malye Karely». Departure by train or by plane.