Top Choice Russian in Solovetsky Islands


Don't let Izba's cutesy log-cabin-with-folky-embroidered-curtains interior fool you – Solovki Hotel's restaurant serves the most sophisticated fare on the island, from cod poached in milk and expertly grilled meats …
Top Choice Seafood in Arkhangelsk


Appropriately named 'Cod-eater', this folksy 'restaurant-museum' specialises in Neptune's subjects. While you're waiting for your baked 'tsar-style' cod, cod and salmon pelmeni, ukha or pikefish cutlets, you can lea…
Top Choice Russian in Vologda


Gud'OK tries to ooze urban sophistication, with its wall-length prints of nighttime Manhattan and red leather seats, but doesn't quite make it. The food, on the other hand, is lovingly prepared and its chicken cutle…
Top Choice Cafe in Murmansk


Don't let yourself be blinded by the in-your-face lime-green and neon-orange decor – this cafe serves some of the most imaginative food in town. Feast on the likes of crab cutlets with ginger rice, roast leg of lamb…
Top Choice Russian in Murmansk

Traktir Zhily-Bily

The owners have opted for a rustic Russian folk-tale theme and have run with it a few miles. Quaff kvas and gobble down hearty Russian dishes such as giblets with buckwheat, pike cutlets, grilled meats and soups und…
Top Choice Karelian in Petrozavodsk

Karelskaya Gornitsa

Claiming to be the first Karelian restaurant in the world, this ye-olde hotspot boasts efficient costumed waiters and excellent, hearty fare, including rabbit borsch and rich, gamey and fishy mains, washed down with…
Pizza in Apatity


Small, cosy pizzeria that serves arguably the best pizza in Arctic Russia.
Ukrainian in Vologda

Puzatiy Patsyuk

This rustic-effect nostalgia restaurant serves top-notch food such as duck in a wonderfully tart apple-and-cowberry sauce (kachka s yablykami), draniki (potato fritters) and goose with a honey crust. The menu (in Uk…
Russian in Sortavala


Though the diners boogying down to Russian pop on the dancefloor take away from the Parisian sophistication that Boulevard's wall prints intend to convey, the dishes are nicely presented and the service is congenial…
Ukrainian in Petrozavodsk

Dobra Khata

The rustic Ukrainian theme is worked to the max here – expect a cheery stove, woven tablecloths, sunflowers, clay jugs and nostalgic sepia prints of Ukrainian peasantry. Maidens in traditional costume serve you all …