Top Choice Art Gallery in Petrozavodsk

Fine Arts Museum

Besides the permanent exhibitions that feature medieval icons, folk art such as embroidery, weaving and birch-bark creations, there's a collection of 18th-century Russian Masters that includes a dark and creepy Chri…
Top Choice Museum in Murmansk

Regional Studies Museum

Comprehensive exhibits at Murmansk's oldest museum include one on Sami culture and handicrafts, a vast natural-history section with all manner of taxidermied beasts and 'Wait For Me' – an exhibition on the fierce de…
Top Choice Church in Vologda

St Sofia’s Cathedral

Powerful five-domed St Sofia’s Cathedral has a soaring interior smothered with beautiful 1680s frescoes. The astonishingly tall iconostasis is filled with darkly brooding saintly portraiture.The massive stone cathed…
Top Choice Museum in Arkhangelsk

Regional Studies Museum

The history section charts the development of the harsh north, from its settlement by dispossessed and exiled peasantry in the 1930s, to the Gulag camps, to the suffering of the 'second St Petersburg' during WWII, w…
Top Choice Monument in Murmansk


One of Murmansk’s most memorable sights is a gigantic concrete soldier nicknamed Alyosha, erected to commemorate the Arctic fighters who perished in the Great Patriotic War (WWII). From his hilltop perch, Alyosha's …
Top Choice Boat in Murmansk

Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin

Murmansk is a centre for nuclear icebreakers that carve their way to the North Pole, but even in port you can give in to your wildest seafaring/Arctic explorer/Cold War spy fantasies aboard the 1957 NS Lenin, the wo…
Top Choice Museum in Malye Karely

Malye Karely Wooden Architecture Museum

Set in pretty rolling dales 25km southeast of Arkhangelsk’s centre, this delightful open-air Malye Karely Wooden Architecture Museum is Arkhangelsk’s foremost attraction. Featuring dozens of 16th- to 19th-century wo…
Top Choice Museum in Apatity

Mineralogy Museum

Over 900 types of minerals and ores, many of them rare and unique. Entry by prior appointment; friendly academics speak English.
Top Choice Museum in Lovozero & Around

Sami History & Culture Museum

This excellent museum delves into the troubled history of the Sami, whose way of life barely survived the threat from Christian missionaries and forced collectivisation. Heroic efforts to keep the culture alive incl…
Top Choice Church in Kargopol

Nativity Cathedral

The five-domed, 1562 star of Sobornaya Ploschad sports intriguing timber-encased corner buttresses and houses a splendid iconostasis on the 1st floor (only open in summer). On a pillar, the superb Starshni Sud (Judg…