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Top Choice Caucasian in Nalchik

Tau El

This wooden complex, set on the Cherek Balkarsky River, faces the ruins of largest of the 18 village cleared of Balkars in 1944. They serve delicious shashlyk, salads and the buttery flat bread khichiny.
Park in Nalchik

Central Park

The large Central Park of Culture and Recreation (to give it its full name) offers forest lushness, small green lakes with paddle boats, an amusement park and the scenic Nalchik River, where locals take a dip to coo…
Lake in Nalchik

Blue Lakes

Worth a stop en route to the Cherek Valley are these small karst lakes with water in various shades of blue. The largest of the three lakes, which is deep and keeps a constant cold temperature, is surrounded by souv…
Caucasian in Nalchik

Restaurant Sosruko

The most interesting thing about this place is the building itself, which is a giant sculpture of the head of local hero Sosruko with an outstretched arm holding a flaming torch. The outdoor tables under canopies pr…
Market in Nalchik

Balkarskiy Market

Also known as the 'wool market', this is the place to shop for local products made from wool and fur, such as shawls, blankets, rugs and spectacularly shaggy hats. You're sure to find bear skins and stuffed animal h…
Museum in Nalchik

Kabardino-Balkaria National Museum

Local natural and man-made history is covered at this reasonably interesting museum. Labels are in Russian, but it's mainly a place for visual appreciation, with a good 3D topographical map of the mountains, colourf…
Turkish in Nalchik


Not far from Nalchik's soccer stadium, this pleasant modern cafe offers a selection of dishes from Turkey, as the owners once lived there. Also on the photo-menu are Russian and Kabardian food, as well as some delic…
Middle Eastern in Nalchik

Arabic Home

If you can't face another khachapuri, head to stylish Arabic Home. Relax on a comfy sofa or take a window seat with a view of central Nalchik as you enjoy freshly made hummus and tasty falafel.
Market in Nalchik

Central Market

Browse the aisles of fruit, vegetables, cheeses and fresh-baked flat bread to the ubiquitous strains of lezginka dance music in the central market, an ideal place for putting together a picnic.
Arts & Crafts in Nalchik

Adyge Une

This excellent souvenir shop specialises in local Karabardian and Circassian items including fur hats, traditional clothing, pottery and beautifully wrought Dagestani silver jewellery.