Top Choice Russian in Nalchik

Restaurant Sosruko

This architecturally unusual restaurant, at the terminus of the chairlift in Dolinsk Park, comprises the head of local hero Sosruko with an outstretched arm and hand holding a flame. It’s the place to try Kabardian …
Middle Eastern in Nalchik

Arabic Home

If you can't face another khachapuri, head to stylish Arabic Home, located next to the Rossiya hotel. Relax on a comfy sofa or take a window seat with a view of central Nalchik as you enjoy freshly made hummus and t…
Russian in Nalchik


This hotel and restaurant in Dolinsk Park has a pleasant location with outdoor tables beside the rushing Nalchik River. The menu has the usual assortment of grilled meats, fried trout and fresh salads, but slow ser…
Market in Nalchik

Central Market

Browsing the aisles of fruit and fresh-baked flatbread (R15) to the ubiquitous strains of lezginka dance music in the central market is a Nalchik highlight.