Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Murmansk

Regional Studies Museum

Comprehensive exhibits at Murmansk's oldest museum include one on Sami culture and handicrafts, a vast natural-history section with all manner of taxidermied beasts and 'Wait For Me' – an exhibition on the fierce de…
Top Choice Cafe in Murmansk


Don't let yourself be blinded by the in-your-face lime-green and neon-orange decor – this cafe serves some of the most imaginative food in town. Feast on the likes of crab cutlets with ginger rice, roast leg of lamb…
Top Choice Monument in Murmansk


One of Murmansk’s most memorable sights is a gigantic concrete soldier nicknamed Alyosha, erected to commemorate the Arctic fighters who perished in the Great Patriotic War (WWII). From his hilltop perch, Alyosha's …
Top Choice Boat in Murmansk

Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin

Murmansk is a centre for nuclear icebreakers that carve their way to the North Pole, but even in port you can give in to your wildest seafaring/Arctic explorer/Cold War spy fantasies aboard the 1957 NS Lenin, the wo…
Top Choice Russian in Murmansk

Traktir Zhily-Bily

The owners have opted for a rustic Russian folk-tale theme and have run with it a few miles. Quaff kvas and gobble down hearty Russian dishes such as giblets with buckwheat, pike cutlets, grilled meats and soups und…
Top Choice Cafe in Murmansk


A Venetian plague doctor’s mask and some creepy laughing heads on the brick wall preside over this relaxed, hip cafe. Come here for the delicious pizzas, fresh salads, exotica such as crab spring rolls, strong coffe…
Zoo in Murmansk


On the northern shore of Lake Semyonovskoe, this little bubble-domed building is home to six trained Arctic seals showing off their stuff. Beside it is a sweet funfair with merry-go-rounds and bouncy castles.
Museum in Murmansk

Fine Arts Museum

The 1927 Fine Arts Museum hosts temporary exhibitions that range from female nude photography and Kanozero petroglyphs to severe Arctic landscape painting.
Bakery in Murmansk

Northern Bakeries

For self-catering or a cupcake fetish, there’s this tempting European-style bakery.
Bar in Murmansk


The beaded curtain, water features and young, trendy clientele make you feel as if you're in an MTV video. Order from the loooooooong list of cocktails, or grab a delicious salad and kick back to the sounds of a lou…