Top Choice Cafe in Murmansk


Don't let yourself be blinded by the in-your-face lime-green and neon-orange decor – this cafe serves some of the most imaginative food in town. Feast on the likes of crab cutlets with ginger rice, beautifully prepa…
Top Choice Fusion in Murmansk


Festooned with hams and with greenery growing out of every available crevice, this hip lounge bar with open kitchen complements its imaginative dishes (such as tagliatelle with crab sauce and venison with chocolate)…
Sushi in Murmansk


Fresh, thankfully, lives up to its name, and delivers top-quality rolls, sushi sets and noodle dishes in hip surrounds.
Steak in Murmansk

Steak House Torro

This elegant restaurant is a favourite with visiting businessmen and anyone with a carnivorous inclination. A special occasion treat if you’ve got roubles to spend, with the meat expertly prepared.
Burgers in Murmansk


Dandy serves a wide range of burgers, including duck, deer and vegan variations, amid chilled decor and laid-back music. Staff give you black gloves to wear while eating so your hands don’t get greasy. There's also …
Cafe in Murmansk

White Rabbit

Stylish White Rabbit has separate cafe and restaurant sections. Choose from coffee, pastries and cakes at the former, or good value pasta, fish and meat dishes at the latter. Popular with parents and their kids duri…
Cafe in Murmansk


Friendly, bustling cafe with a menu that ranges from Georgian solyanka (fish soup) to pizza. Also has imported beers and spirits, as well as darts. It's inside the shopping arcade next to Hotel Meridian.
Cafe in Murmansk


This popular cafe hums to a soundtrack of electronic music and does great breakfasts of coffee and porridge or pastries. It also sells backpacks, if yours is feeling the strain of the road.
Bakery in Murmansk

Northern Bakeries

For self-catering or a cupcake fetish, there’s this tempting European-style bakery.
Supermarket in Murmansk


Murmansk's best supermarket chain with huge variety and pre-prepared meals.