Meshchansky & Basmanny shopping

Clothing in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Khokhlovka Original

This is about the most clandestine fashion store we've ever reviewed. To get in, enter a graffiti-covered courtyard, then look for a small gap between two single-storey buildings on your left – the door is inside th…
Books in Meshchansky & Basmanny


Moscow’s favourite bookshop is huge, with lots of souvenir books devoted to language, art and history, and a good selection of maps and travel guides. A user-friendly computerised catalogue will help you find what y…
Clothing in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Odensya Dlya Schastya

This sweet boutique – encouraging shoppers to ‘dress for happiness’ – carries unique clothing by a few distinctive designers, including Moscow native Oleg Biryukov. The designer’s eponymous label features refined st…
Homewares in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Naivno? Ochen!

These folks do a great service selling souvenirs – cups, plates and T-shirts – themed on inspired and whimsical drawings produced by children with special needs. Proceeds go to charities that help them. It's a big d…
Perfume in Meshchansky & Basmanny


Here you'll find perfume brands that you won't come by in a duty-free shop. All fringe international and Russian perfume producers are welcome, while Dior and the likes are not. The shop is located by the entrance t…
Music in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Mir Kino

This tiny shop that sells secondhand vinyl and CDs has a few shelves dedicated to Russian indie music from the 1980s to present. There is also a Korean dumpling shop in the same premises.
Market in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Izmaylovsky Market

Never mind the kitschy faux 'tsar's palace' it surrounds, this is the ultimate place to shop for matryoshka dolls, military uniforms, icons, Soviet badges and some real antiques. Huge and diverse, it is almost a the…
Antiques in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Russkaya Usadba

One of Moscow's best antiques dealers, this gallery specialises in 19th-century furniture salvaged from the mansion houses of the nobility, most of which were burned down or otherwise destroyed by the Bolsheviks. Qu…
Food & Drinks in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Magazin Chai-Kofe

In 1894 the old Perlov Tea House was redecorated in the style of a Chinese pagoda. Today this fantastical facade contains the Tea-Coffee Store – a simple name for a place that is filled with coffee beans from Italy,…
Sports & Outdoors in Meshchansky & Basmanny


For all your hunting expedition needs, head to this tiny shop below the restaurant of the same name. As well as guns, knives, camping equipment and outdoor expedition gear, you’ll also find some strange and scary so…