Top Choice Cafe in Presnya


The entire menu at Stolle is excellent, but the pirogi (pies) are irresistible. A ‘stolle’ is a traditional Saxon Christmas cake: the selection of sweets and savouries sits on the counter, fresh from the oven. It ma…
Cafe in Presnya

Pushkin Konditerskaya

If you want to impress your date, but you can’t afford the Café Pushkin for dinner, head next door to the konditerskaya (confectioner) for dessert. It’s every bit as opulent as the restaurant, from the crystal chand…
Cafe in Arbat & Khamovniki


After wandering the grounds and examining the graves at Novodevichy, an energy boost is usually in order. The perfect place for this is Stolle, specialising in tasty Saxon pies. Choose from the selection of savoury …
Deli in Tverskoy & Novoslobodsky


This sweet, child-friendly deli serves salads, soups, and cakes styled as Cornish pastry, as well as smoothies and lemonades. The honey latte might be a little too experimental, but the tea with raspberry puree and …
Cafe in Kremlin & Kitay Gorod

Coffee Mania

This place has the same overpriced but appetizing fare as other outlets of the ubiquitous chain, but the fabulous 'grand cafe' interior makes this one a special experience. Marble floors, art-deco chandeliers and el…
Cafe in Kremlin & Kitay Gorod

Friends Forever Cafe

A perfect place for breakfast or a light lunch, this comfy cafe has high ceilings, soothing colours and big windows overlooking Nikolskaya. Come in the afternoon for a pick-me-up coffee and choose from the irresisti…
Deli in Meshchansky & Basmanny

Karavayev Brothers Culinary Shop

It's a deli and it's easy to use. Take a ticket at the entrance, then – while waiting for your turn – browse the ready-made meals on display and take your pick. Russian classics, such as vinegret beetroot salad, min…
Cafe in Presnya

Cafe Receptor

Cafe in Borodino

Art Cafe Borodino

Do not be alarmed if you forgot to pack your picnic. On the grounds of the museum, there is now a small cafe serving bliny (crepes), pelmeni (dumplings) and other Russian standards. Fuel up before or after exploring…