Museum in Minusinsk

Martyanov Museum

Filling three distinct buildings, the countless halls crammed with local taxidermy, Bronze and Iron Age finds, Tuvan and Khakass standing stones, traditional stringed instruments and shaggy shaman costumes just keep…
Church in Minusinsk

Saviour’s Cathedral

This elegant 1803 church is across the square from the superb Martyanov Museum.
Museum in Minusinsk

Krzyzanovsky & Starkov Flat Museum

Lenin's friend Gleb Krzyzanovski moved into this flat as an exiled revolutionary in 1898. It was here that he started developing an interest in electric power, which decades later resulted in a series of gigantic So…
Museum in Minusinsk

Decembrist Museum

Earlier exiles are the theme of the Decembrist Museum in a hard-to-find location one block west from the church and three blocks north along ul Oborony.