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Russian in Listvyanka

Listvyanka Club

This new airy lakeside place focuses on Baikal fish, with omul cooked in cedar-seed juice (Russians call it cedar milk), bringing together the two most iconic local staples. There is also an ample list of meat dishe…
Russian in Listvyanka

Proshly Vek

Listvyanka’s most characterful eatery has a nautical theme, a fish-heavy menu and Baikal views. The upper floor is filled with fascinating old junk, which you can admire while tucking into omul done any which way yo…
Russian in Listvyanka

Berg House

Between the Mayak Hotel and the post office, this Anglophone-friendly cafe has understatedly laid picnic tables, pleasant service, large portions of fish and meat, as well as draft beer.
Cafe in Listvyanka

Café Podlemore

The Podlemore has porridge and oven-fresh pastries, but rather flummoxed serving staff. Early opening makes it a popular breakfast halt.