Top things to do in Lake Teletskoe & Artybash

Waterfall in Lake Teletskoe & Artybash

Korbu Waterfall

From June to September, there are many daily lake trips (R800 per person) to Korbu Waterfall. You have a choice between fast, noisy hydrofoils (four hours return) and larger, slower-paced craft (six to eight hours r…
Souvenirs in Lake Teletskoe & Artybash

Souvenir Shops

The souvenir shops around the start of the bridge sell all manner of interesting items, from Altai honey (R100 a small jar), Altai pop and traditional music, maps, 500mL bottles of deer blood (pure R1100 pure, cut w…
Russian in Lake Teletskoe & Artybash

Café Yevseich

This modest, friendly cafe serves mostly pre-prepared Central Asia cuisine, with a few Russian entrées thrown in.