Museum in Irkutsk

Regional Museum

Irkutsk’s rapidly ageing Regional Museum occupies a fancy 1880s brick building that formerly housed the Siberian Geographical Society, a club of Victorian-style gentlemen explorers. The highlights here are the downs…
Museum in Irkutsk

Volkonsky House-Museum

The duck-egg-blue and white home of Decembrist Count Sergei Volkonsky, whose wife Maria Volkonskaya cuts the main figure in Christine Sutherland’s unputdownable book The Princess of Siberia, is a small mansion set i…
Museum in Irkutsk

Museum of City Life

This small museum filling six rooms of a former merchant’s house illustrates just why 19th-century Irkutsk was nicknamed the ‘Paris of Siberia’. Changing exhibitions of everyday and decorative items such as lamps, d…
Museum in Irkutsk

Trubetskoy House-Museum

Carted off for renovation in 2007, Irkutsk’s second Decembrist house-museum made a comeback in 2012 with English-language information, touchscreens and tinkling background music. This pleasingly symmetrical minimans…
Museum in Irkutsk

City History Museum

Despite its palatial 19th-century home (built by wealthy merchant Sibiryakov in 1884) what should be Irkutsk's main repository of the past is in fact a rather limited exhibition on the city's history with absolutely…
Museum in Lake Baikal

Taltsy Museum of Architecture & Ethnography

About 47km southeast of Irkutsk, 23km before Listvyanka, Taltsy Museum of Architecture & Ethnography is an impressive outdoor collection of old Siberian buildings set in a delightful riverside forest. Amid the r…
Museum in Listvyanka

Baikal Museum

One of only three museums in the world dedicated solely to a lake, this sometimes overly scientific institution examines the science of Baikal from all angles. Pass quickly by the gruesomely discoloured fish samples…
Aquarium in Listvyanka


Thirty-minute seal shows in a silver building resembling an upturned ship next to the Priboy Hotel.
Museum in Olkhon Island


Khuzhir’s small museum displays a random mix of stuffed animals, Soviet-era junk, local art and the personal possessions of its founder, Nikolai Revyakin, a teacher for five decades at the school next door.
Museum in Slyudyanka

Slyudyanka Museum