Krasnoyarsk restaurants

Top Choice Russian in Krasnoyarsk

0.75 please

This gem is two in one – a wine bar and an Arctic-themed restaurant that upgrades traditional Siberian staples to near-Michelin levels. Nelma stroganina (a kind of frozen ceviche) quite literally melts in your mouth…
Fusion in Krasnoyarsk

Bar Bulgakov

This delightfully bizarre space decorated with Soviet vanguard art and presided over by a Soviet-era female rower statue that holds a giant fork instead of an oar is best for late-night alcohol-infused dinners. The …
Russian in Krasnoyarsk

Khozyain Taygi

Siberian taiga, in the form of Stolby Nature Reserve, begins right outside this refined restaurant, entirely dedicated to the kind of food one can catch or forage in the world's largest forest. A sample menu could i…
Eastern European in Krasnoyarsk

Svinya i Biser

Its wood-rich interior strives to convey the ambience of old Europe. The menu at 'Pig & Beads' is carnivore concerto grosso, with pork playing the first violin. Sausages, shashlyk (meat kebabs), burgers, steaks,…
Italian in Krasnoyarsk

Mike & Molly

The stylishly unassuming interior of this Italian job suggests the focus is firmly on the food, and that assumption would be right. Possibly Krasnoyarsk’s best lasagnes, pastas, salads and proper starters land promp…
Cafeteria in Krasnoyarsk

Vinegret Bufet

A vast and modern rustic-themed cafeteria, Vinegret lures white-collar workers with a large salad bar and a grill station. Pancakes with a variety of fillings make a good breakfast option.
Indian in Krasnoyarsk

Shiv Ganga

A small eatery run by actual Indians (rather than Russian esotericists, as often happens) comes as a pleasant surprise, especially for vegetarians. Inevitable problems with getting authentic spices does affect the t…
Italian in Krasnoyarsk

Mama Roma

Herb-infused air wafts temptingly out of this long-established Italian eatery, where chequered tablecloths and admirable attempts at pasta, risotto and pizza may make you feel you’re in Rome or Naples – but only if …
Cafeteria in Krasnoyarsk

Sem Slona

Got a sudden craving for buckwheat at 3am? Then brave the darkened streets and make your way to this all-hours, no-nonsense canteen plating up solid Russian favourites with a growl. The name translates as ‘I could e…