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A new sparkling Yemelyanovo Airport terminal was about to open at the time of writing. Services to almost anywhere in Siberia and the rest of Russia are available. International destinations include Bangkok and several Chinese airports.

TSAVS is a centrally located one-stop shop for all bus, train and air tickets. Krasnoyarsk has the following flight connections:

Irkutsk from R8000, two daily

Kyzyl from R7700, four weekly

Moscow from R7500, up to seven daily

Novosibirsk from R5600, two daily


Every few days in summer, passenger boats from Krasnoyarsk’s spired river station ply the Yenisey to Dudinka (1989km, 4½ to five days) but foreigners may not proceed beyond Igarka. SibTourGuide can arrange tickets.


The main bus station is to the northeast of the city centre and is best reached by Buses 49, 24 and 53 from ul Karla Marksa. Destinations:

Abakan R920, five hours, frequent

Kyzyl R1800, 14 hours, three daily

Tomsk R1300, 11 hours, daily

Yeniseysk R800, seven hours, 10 daily


TSAVS is the most central booking office, though the station itself is relatively central and often queue-free. Krasnoyarsk has the following rail connections:

Abakan platskart/kupe R1800/R2150, 11½ hours, one daily

Irkutsk platskart R1600, kupe R3300 to R5800, 18 hours, up to nine daily

Moscow platskart R7200, kupe R11,000 to R15,000, 64 hours, up to seven daily

Novosibirsk platskart R2000, kupe R2600 to R4000, 12 hours, up to 11 daily

Severobaikalsk platskart/kupe R3250/R6700, 27 to 35 hours, three daily

Tomsk platskart/kupe R1900/3250, 18 hours, every other day