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Top Choice Museum in Krasnodar

Felitsyn Museum

This is an excellent little regional museum, located a few steps from Krasnaya ul. Exhibits feature some impressive archaeological finds; Cossack history and the Russian Civil War are also well covered. If you made …
Cafe in Krasnodar


This bright cafe has big armchairs and even bigger windows overlooking Krasnaya ul. The menu is pretty wide-ranging – soups, sandwiches, pelmeni (Russian-style dumplings stuffed with meat), pizza, pasta. The warm we…
Cafe in Krasnodar

Coffee Biblioteka

When we asked about the availability of wi-fi at this stylish cafe, the barista answered, 'We have a somewhat different concept…books.' Bibliophiles will be blissful in this book-filled setting (though we didn't fin…
Caucasian in Krasnodar

La Cabaña

This pleasant riverside cafe is a perfect perch for draining a few beers and watching the Kuban River pass patiently by. The menu features tasty shashlyk and salads, as well as other standard Russian fare. Take your…
Russian in Krasnodar

Many Pelmeny

It's no secret what they do best at this cosy basement restaurant. You'll find more than a dozen varieties of the delicious dumpling, along with soups and salads and fresh-drawn beer. In summer months, there is seat…
Burgers in Krasnodar


This hipster burger joint is all about the irony, from the surprising burger options to the imagery on the wall (Bert and Ernie packing heat, for example). There are more burgers on the menu than seats in the joint.
Museum in Krasnodar

Kovalenko Art Museum

The region's oldest art museum, the Kovalenko's collections span the ages, from 'Old Rus' to post-Soviet periods. The building – the historic Shardonov house – is a work of art in itself.
Bar in Krasnodar

Pitcher Pub

Craft beer has arrived in the Russian provinces. Sample some of the local brews, such as Rose Bud (scented not with roses but with hibiscus), crafted right here in Krasnodar.
Amusement Park in Krasnodar

Victory Park

On a scenic peninsula on the Kuban River, this leafy green space is filled with kiddie rides, open-air cafes and blooming gardens. The park is accessible from Kubanskaya nab near the stadium in the south or by strol…
Monument in Krasnodar

Dog Capital Sculpture

This unusual sculpture, on the corner of central ul Krasnaya, features two elegantly dressed dogs out for a stroll. It was inspired by a quip by famed Soviet-era poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, who dubbed Krasnodar a 'can…