Top Choice International in Kislovodsk

5642 Vsota

Moscow's Novikov group ups the dining standards in Kislovodsk with this new three-part venture. An excellent bakery-cafe and burger bar (both decorated with murals by street artist Misha Most) flank the restaurant, …
Top Choice Caucasian in Kislovodsk


Kudos to this convivial restaurant for its English menu and for tasty, well-presented food that matches the photos in that same menu. As well as traditional Caucasian dishes, such as the khachipuri, various shashlyk…
Georgian in Kislovodsk


This lively spot has an outdoor terrace set back from Kurortny bul. Start with piping-hot khachapuri and Georgian-style solyanka (a spicy soup) before moving onto sizzling kebabs.
Russian in Kislovodsk

Cafe Saklya

In Alikonovka Gorge, 8km west of Kislovodsk, Cafe Saklya serves Russian and Caucasian dishes in a rustic setting populated with plenty of stuffed animals (including a bear) and birds. The balcony provides good views…
International in Kislovodsk


Tired of shashlyk and khachapuri? Head to this modern, convivial cafe for good pizza, pasta, pastries, and a selection of tempting cakes.
International in Kislovodsk

La Gourmet

This small, pleasant cafe serves a mixture of European and Russian food including bliny, eggs and porridge for breakfast.