Museum in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Territorial Museum

Located in an evocative 1894 red-brick building, this museum contains an excellent overview of Russian and Soviet history. Galleries take you decade by decade through the past with fascinating propaganda posters, ol…
Museum in Khabarovsk

Archaeology Museum

This small five-room gallery displays tools and living essentials from early peoples. Pottery, animal skin huts, dugout canoes, a tiny model settlement and many early hand tools are here. Don't miss replicas of smal…
Museum in Khabarovsk

Far Eastern Art Museum

Lots of religious icons, Japanese porcelain and 19th-century Russian paintings are on display here.
Museum in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Territorial Museum (New Wing)

The new building is less intriguing than the museum's main premises; it has a wing dedicated to the Amur River, with live fish in tanks and more stuffed animals.
Landmark in Khabarovsk

Tsentralny Gastronom

This mint-green Style Moderne (Russian take on art nouveau) building dates from 1895; it's topped by a statue of Mercury.
Monument in Khabarovsk

WWII Memorial

Cathedral in Khabarovsk

Assumption Cathedral

Historic Building in Khabarovsk

Far Eastern State Research Library

Landmark in Khabarovsk

House of Pioneers