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Nativity Cathedral

The five-domed, 1562 star of Sobornaya Ploschad sports intriguing timber-encased corner buttresses and houses a splendid iconostasis on the 2nd floor (only open in summer). On a pillar, the superb 18th-century Stars…
Historic Building in Kargopol

Bell Tower

Sweeping views from this sturdy 1778 bell tower justify the somewhat claustrophobic climb from the main grassy square. Enter through a hobbit-sized door. Sometimes the caretaker only turns up at around noon to set o…
Church in Kargopol

Vvedenskaya Church

Historically important, the 1809 Vvedenskaya Church stored the hidden chattels of the Russian royals during Napoleon’s 1812 attack on Moscow. Now the upstairs interior hosts changing exhibitions of local artwork.
Church in Kargopol

John the Baptist Church

This 1751 church on the city's main grassy square has an impressively Gothic bulk with unusual octagonal windows and distinctive double domes on long cylindrical towers.
Church in Kargopol

Zosimy & Savvatiya Church

A long walk down a dusty road towards the southwestern end of town, this 1819 church has a small collection of local crafts, costumes and icons, plus Saturday recitals.
Church in Kargopol

Rozhdenstva Bogoroditsy Church

The active 1680 Rozhdenstva Bogoroditsy Church is elegant despite the discordant red-green metallic gleam of its multiple domes. A stylistic effect? No, it's just rust.
Museum in Kargopol


Bereginya displays and sells a range of folk crafts and organises all manner of masterclasses – from making clay toys to traditional weaving.
Church in Kargopol

Annunciation Church

The disused 1692 Annunciation Church catches your eye with its unusually intricate window mouldings.