Top Choice Museum in Kaliningrad

Museum of the World Ocean

Strung along the banks of the Pregolya River are the several ships, a sub, maritime machinery and exhibition halls that make up this excellent museum. The highlight is the handsome former scientific expedition vesse…
Top Choice Area in Kaliningrad

Kant Island & Riverside

This once densely populated island – now a parkland dotted with sculptures – is dominated by the Kaliningrad Cathedral. A few nearby buildings – the former Stock Exchange from the 1870s and the neotraditional row of…
Museum in Kaliningrad

Amber Museum

Housed in the Dohna Tower (Башня Дона), this museum features over 6000 amber exhibits, including marvellous artworks, a whopping 4.28kg nugget and ancient specimens with prehistoric insects and plants fossilised wit…
Museum in Kaliningrad

Bunker Museum

The city’s last German commander, Otto van Lasch, capitulated to the Soviets from this buried command post in 1945. It now houses informative presentations about East Prussia during WWII.
Museum in Kaliningrad

Friedland Gate

The best way to see what pre-WWII Königsberg looked like is to attend the 40-minute multimedia show screened in the halls of this museum occupying one of the 13 original city gates. The evocative show is made up of …
Museum in Kaliningrad

History & Arts Museum

Housed in a reconstructed 1912 concert hall on the banks of the pretty Lower Pond (Нижний пруд), this museum mainly focuses on events since Russia’s takeover of the region, though Kaliningrad's German past does get …
Museum in Kaliningrad

King's Gate

Focusing on Peter the Great’s Grand Embassy to the city in 1697, this revamped gate also has good models of old Königsberg and exhibits on the personalities who shaped the region’s history. A little south of here, w…
Church in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Cathedral

Photos displayed inside this Unesco World Heritage Site attest to how dilapidated the cathedral was until the early 1990s – the original dates back to 1333. The lofty interior is dominated by an ornate organ used fo…
Zoo in Kaliningrad

Kaliningradsky Zoopark

Bears, hippos, seals and flamingos are among the creatures that call this zoo home.
Art Gallery in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Art Gallery

View modern and contemporary works by local artists, including some striking pieces from the Soviet decades. The gallery shop sells art books and local creations.