Top Choice Italian in Irkutsk


It’s pretty obvious from the outside that Figaro is no ordinary Siberian eatery. The glass fronted dining space peppered with works of art and graced with unpretentiously stylish laid tables fills daily with diners …
Top Choice Russian in Irkutsk


Arguably the best eating addition in the 130 Kvartal, this retro restaurant serves up a 100% Soviet-era menu (think upmarket pelmeni, okroshka, shchi, kvas and grandmother's pickles) in a plush Stalinist banqueting …
Top Choice Mongolian in Irkutsk


Take your taste buds to the Mongolian steppe for some yurt-size portions of mutton, lamb and steak as well as filling soups and buuzy (dumplings), sluiced down with a bottle from the decent foreign wine list. Smiley…
Cafeteria in Irkutsk

Syty Shmel

Take your hunger to the 'full-bellied bumble bee' for some tasty Russian dining to a gentle soundtrack. This is the stolovaya taken to classier level with only natural ingredients going into the pizzas, cakes, plov …
Cafeteria in Irkutsk


When it’s midday feeding time in the city centre, this gaudy self-service canteen with red leatherette seating divided into cubicles and a menu of meatballs, pasta, pancakes and the odd healthy option, is the one of…
Russian in Irkutsk

Arbatski Dvorik

This upmarket restaurant is all inside-out, the walls lined with imitation facades, doorways and street lamps. However there’s nothing topsy-turvy about the impeccable service and well-crafted menu. Oddly, it’s acce…
Cafe in Irkutsk


With its menu of imaginative salads, filling soups and (almost) healthy mains, this is no ordinary point-and-eat canteen. Swab the decks with a Slovak lager then sit back and admire the interior, a mishmash of old n…
Vegetarian in Irkutsk


Irkutsk’s only meat-free restaurant is a small self-service affair with a half-hearted Indian theme and a menu of soya sausages, basmati rice, spicy soups, mild curries, quorn chilli con carne, imaginative desserts …
Supermarket in Irkutsk


Supermarkets are surprisingly rare in Irkutsk so this centrally located, open-all-hours store is a god-send. Stocks a lot of ready-to-eat meals (meatballs, steaks, salads), ideal for long train journeys.
Cafe in Irkutsk


This cosy belle époque–style cafe has attentive English-speaking service and regularly wins local awards for its food. It’s been around since 1961, making it the city’s longest-serving eatery.