Tourist Information in Kenozero National Park

Kenozero National Park Visitor Centre

A footpath along the shore brings you round to a striking yellow building that’s both a hotel (s/d R1100/1275) and a helpful National Park Visitor Centre that can arrange accommodation and tours of the area. It also…
Travel Agency in Russia

Exeter International

US-based firm specialising in luxury tours to Russia.
Tourist Information in Apatity

Tourist Information Centre

Friendly tourist information centre that can book accommodation throughout the region, as well as organise mineral-collecting, snowmobiling, and fishing trips to the White Sea and the Solovetsky Islands.
Tourist Information in Smolny & Vosstaniya

Tourist Information Bureau

Gives out maps and general information.
Tourist Information in Esso

Esso Visitor Centre

This super helpful visitor centre in the middle of Esso can arrange park guides as well as 6WD charters. It offers extensive trail maps and has helpful English-speaking staff. Before you set off anywhere on your own…
Tourist Information in Solovetsky Islands

Solovetsky Tourist Office

Offers a whole slew of excursions. Thematic tours within the monastery (in English from R450) can be far more insightful than wandering around alone. Minibus trips to rural sites save exhausting pedal power and aver…
Tourist Information in Historic Heart

Cultural Security Department

If you intend to take home anything vaguely ‘arty’ (manuscripts, instruments, coins, jewel­lery) it must be assessed by this government office. Take along your passport, a sales receipt and the item in question. A r…
Tourist Information in Veliky Novgorod

Tourist Office

One of the best tourist information centres in the country, this friendly English-speaking office provides helpful maps and local advice. City tours – on foot or bicycle – and excursions tailored to specific interes…
Tourist Information in Kyzyl

Tourist Information Centre

In theory (we visited shortly after it was opened), this slick government-run office with young enthusiastic staff, should be your first point of call in Tuva, since they can put you in touch with tourist service pr…
Travel Agency in Volgograd

Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company

All-purpose travel agency offers guided tours of the city as well as historic tours of battlefield sights and guided visits to further-afield attractions such as the Rossoshka Reconciliation Cemetery. Guided tours o…