Practical Tip: Visiting Museums & Other Attractions

Some major attractions, such as Moscow's Kremlin, State History Museum and St Basil’s, have ditched foreigner prices. All adults pay whatever the foreigner price used to be; all students, children and pensioners pay the low price. However, elsewhere, particularly in St Petersburg, foreigner prices rule. Higher foreigner fees are said to go towards preserving works of art and cultural treasures that might otherwise receive minimal state funding.

Moscow and St Petersburg apart, non-Russian labels, guides or catalogues in museums are fairly uncommon. If good English labelling is not available, you'll need to use a dictionary or language app to work out the precise details of what you’re seeing – or be prepared to pay an additional fee for a guided tour.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Admittance typically stops one hour before the official closing time.
  • If you wish to take photos or film a video, there will be a separate fee for this, typically an extra R100 for a still camera and R200 for video camera.
  • Once a month many places close for a ‘sanitary day’, in theory to allow the place to be thoroughly cleaned. If you specially want to see a museum, it’s always best to call ahead to check when it’s open.