Top Choice Jazz in Ufa

Ufa Jazz Club

It's worth venturing out of the centre of town for a night of soulful music, and Ufa Jazz Club delivers. Live-music performances include local jazz bands as well as international bands and artists.
Top Choice Live Music in Novosibirsk

Brodyachaya Sobaka

Weekends usually see live music performing at this grungy cabaret bar, while weekdays bring all manner of performing arts and other events ranging from clowns to quiz nights. Check the website for the schedule.
Top Choice Live Music in Kaliningrad

Club Vagonka

Housed in a former German church about 3km from the city centre, Vagonka is one of the city's oldest and most popular venues for live rock, dance parties and general carousing. Performances take place in one of two …
Top Choice Theatre in Novosibirsk

Opera & Ballet Theatre

For classical culture don’t miss an evening at this gigantic silver-domed theatre. Built in 1945, it's the largest theatre in Russia – bigger even than Moscow’s Bolshoi. The grand interior alone makes performances h…
Top Choice Puppet Theatre in Tomsk

Human Puppets Theatre 2+ku

Housed in a quaint log cabin near the WWII memorial (take ul Savinikh all the way down until you can go no further), this one-man, homey ‘robotic puppet’ theatre is a real experience, and one you don’t need to under…
Top Choice Ballet in Tverskoy & Novoslobodsky

Bolshoi Theatre

An evening at the Bolshoi is still one of Moscow’s most romantic and entertaining options for a night on the town. The glittering six-tier auditorium has an electric atmosphere, evoking over 240 years of premier mus…
Theatre in Historic Heart

Alexandrinsky Theatre

This magnificent venue is just one part of an immaculate architectural ensemble designed by Carlo Rossi. The theatre’s interior oozes 19th-century elegance and style, and it’s worth taking a peek even if you don’t s…
Ballet in Historic Heart

Mikhailovsky Opera & Ballet Theatre

While not quite as grand as the Mariinsky, this illustrious stage still delivers the Russian ballet or operatic experience, complete with multi-tiered theatre, frescoed ceiling and elaborate concerts. Pl Iskusstv (A…
Live Music in Kyzyl

Tuvan National Orchestra

The Tuvan National Orchestra has a large studio within the Centre for Tuvan Culture – between 10am and 2pm most weekdays tourists are welcome to sit in on their rehearsal sessions.
Classical Music in Presnya

Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory

The country’s largest music school, named for Tchaikovsky of course, has two venues, both of which host concerts, recitals and competitions. The Great Hall of the Conservatory is home to the Moscow Symphony Orchestr…