Circus in Moscow

Bolshoi Circus on Vernadskogo

This huge circus holds 3400 spectators, but the steep pitch means that everyone has a view of the action. The company includes hundreds of performers--mostly acrobats, but some animals too (bears, sea lions, monkeys…
Theatre in Moscow

Satirikon Theatre

Boasting one of Moscow’s most talented theatre producers, Konstantin Raikin, as well as a host of big-name directors, the Satirikon earned a reputation in the early 1990s with its outrageously expensive production o…
Theatre in Moscow

Moscow Children’s Musical Theatre

Founded by theatre legend Natalya Sats in 1965, this was the country’s first children’s theatre. Sats, apparently, was the inspiration for Prokofiev’s famous rendition of Peter and the Wolf, which is still among the…
Theatre in Moscow

Kuklachev Cat Theatre

At this unusual theatre, acrobatic cats do all kinds of stunts for the audience’s delight. Director Yury Kuklachev says: ‘We do not use the word “train” here because it implies forcing an animal to do something, and…
Club in Moscow

Garage Club

Not to be confused with the art gallery, this is the reincarnation of a Yeltsin-era nightclub. Nowadays, it’s the place to be on Wednesday and Sunday nights, if you want to strut your R&B stuff on the dance floo…
Performance in Moscow

Khlebny dom concerts

Classical Music in Moscow

National Philharmonic of Russia

Spectator Sport in Moscow

CSKA Arena

This 5500-person arena was built in the lead-up to 1980, when it hosted the Olympic basketball tournament. These days it is home to Moscow’s most successful basketball and hockey teams. About 1.5km south of Aeroport…
Theatre in Moscow

Aktovy Zal

This black box theatre in the Proekt_Fabrika complex was formerly used by factory workers for amateur theatre and worker meetings. These days, contemporary dance, theatre and music are performed every evening.