Airport in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Novy Airport

Located 7km east of the train station; a taxi from the city centre costs around R300. This is the best connected airport in the Far East, with flights to cities throughout the region, as well as to many other large …
Bus in Khabarovsk

Bus Station

The bus station, 500m north of the train station (go by tram or bus 4), sends nine buses daily to Komsomolsk (R600, 6½ hours) and hourly marshrutky to Birobidzhan (three hours, R350) until 6pm.
Boat in Khabarovsk


One of several companies by the River Terminal offering departures to Fuyuan, China (90 minutes), which cost R4500 including a city tour and overnight lodging.
Ferry in Vladivostok


Runs a weekly ferry between Vladivostok and Rajin, North Korea.
Bus Stop in Vladivostok

Ul Aksakovskaya Bus Stop

Take the 15 bus from here to the Primorsky Aquarium.
Bus in Vladivostok

Bus Station

Boat in Vladivostok

Marine Terminal

Train Station in Vladivostok

Vladivostok Train Station

Train Station in Birobidzhan

Train Station

Bus in Blagoveshchensk

Bus Station