Eastern Siberia shopping

Gifts & Souvenirs in Ulan-Ude


This sparkling new shop doubles as a Buryat culture centre that runs lectures and masterclasses in traditional crafts. Goods include stylish jewellery by local artists, folk-themed clothes, locally produced leather …
Market in Irkutsk

Central Market

Very central indeed, Irkutsk's well-maintained and perfectly authentic market is the place to stock up on cedar nuts, taiga herbs and Siberian fish, notably the famous Baikal omul, which can be packed in hermetic ce…
Market in Severobaikalsk


Baikal fish, smoked and sun-dried, cedar pine nuts, sagaan-dalya and other local herbs – you'll find all of this in the small but bustling market located in the heart of town.
Arts & Crafts in Ulan-Ude

Orda Ethno-Market

Sometimes moving, sometimes kitschy modern Buryat art, clothes and souvenirs. Buddhist-themed metal sculpture contains some of the most striking items.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Ulan-Ude


Elegant artisanal ceramics by Ayuna Dorzhieva, who fuses Buryat motifs with modern art.
Market in Ulan-Ude

Central Market

Tidy, Soviet-era market selling unusual local produce such as pine nuts, reindeer meat, buckthorn juice, salo (raw pig fat) and seasonal fruit and veg. At the back of the building are several stores offering unty, b…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Chita

Zabaikalsky Khudozhestvenny Salon

This huge shop stocks every conceivable souvenir from across the entire Russian Federation, from Buryat dolls to Kostroma linen, Dzhgel plates to Chita fridge magnets. Local artists’ work and the owner's photography…
Books in Irkutsk


This large bookstore on the 2nd floor of a small shopping centre sells regional and city maps, Baikal- and Irkutsk-themed coffee-table books and Lonely Planet guides in Russian.
Clothing in Irkutsk


Tiny shop selling beautifully furry unty (traditional deerskin cowboy boots) made on-site and typically costing around R10,000. Some English spoken.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Kyzyl


Souvenir and craft shop selling top-quality handmade items such as small pieces of sculpture made from a soft stone called agalmatolite, silver jewellery from Ak-Dovurak, Jew's harps, ‘I’ve-been-to-Tuva’ T-shirts an…