Top Choice Church in Dombay & Teberda

Shoana Church

Around 7km north of Karachayevsk, a dirt road leads uphill from the Ossetian village below to this early 10th-century Alanian church, one of the oldest, still-functioning chapels in the Russian Federation. The Byzan…
Nature Reserve in Dombay & Teberda

Teberdinsky State Natural Biosphere Reserve

This park has a small museum with stuffed animals and info on wildlife and geology as well as a mini zoo with deer, foxes, wolves and other local fauna.
Lake in Dombay & Teberda

Kara-Kel Lake

You can swim, fish and rent boats at this small lake bordering the main road running through Teberda.
Lake in Dombay & Teberda

Tumanlykel Lake

This 600m long trout-filled lake, 7km northeast of Dombay, is best reached by taxi (around R400).