Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Chita

Decembrist Museum

If you’re on the Decembrist trail through Siberia, this small but comprehensive museum is one of the best. It’s housed in the 18th-century Archangel Michael log church, an unexpected sight amid the neighbourhood’s s…
Museum in Chita

Kuznetsov Regional Museum

The unexpectedly lively Kuznetsov Regional Museum has been around since 1895 and the imposing mansion it currently occupies was purpose-built to house it in 1914. The inevitable stuffed animals fill the 1st floor, b…
International in Chita


Happiness (as the name translates) is when you find this oasis of neatness in the middle of a scruffy Siberian city. Soviet-style redneck patrons who inhabit this dollhouse of a place add a comic edge to the picture…
Pub in Chita

Harat's Pub

Savour the slightly surreal experience of sipping a pint of Newcastle Brown in an Irish pub in Chita, while pondering just where the owners got all those Celtic flags, old US number plates and imitation Tiffany lamp…
Buddhist Temple in Chita


Chita’s main Buddhist temple lies just outside the centre, a 15-minute walk or R150 taxi ride along Bogomyagkova from where it meets ul Babushkina. It’s a recently built affair, but well-kept, with all its prayer wh…
Cathedral in Chita

Kazansky Cathedral

The train station reflected in its gilt onion domes, Chita’s bright turquoise cathedral is the city’s most impressive building, though inside it’s lamentably plain. The original pre-Stalin cathedral stood on the mai…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Chita

Zabaikalsky Khudozhestvenny Salon

This huge shop stocks every conceivable souvenir from across the entire Russian Federation, from Buryat dolls to Kostroma linen, Dzhgel plates to Chita fridge magnets. Local artists’ work and the owner's photography…
Architecture in Chita

House of Officers

Striking gilded statues of soldiers adorn this landmark building that defines Chita as a military stronghold on the border with China. Walk through an archway to find yourself in ODORA Park, dotted with vintage mili…
Cafeteria in Chita


This clean and modern Odessa-themed service canteen serves well-cooked standard Russian fare and features a WWI machine gun on display in the middle of the premises.
Italian in Chita

Mama Roma

Chequered tablecloths, glass divides, an English menu (!) and pleasant staff make this chain pizzeria an unexpectedly welcoming experience near the train station.