Russian in Chita

Kafe Traktyr

Russian home-style cooking is served at heavy wooden tables in this rebuilt wooden-lace cottage, with a quietly upmarket Siberian-retro atmosphere. The summer beer-and-shashlyk tent is a popular drinking spot.
Ukrainian in Chita

Khmelnaya Korchma

Plastic sunflowers, dangling onion strings, folksy embroidered tea towels and a menu of borsch, salo (pork fat), vareniki (sweet dumplings) and holubtsi (cabbage rolls stuffed with rice) teleport you to rural Ukrain…
Buryat in Chita

Poznaya Altargana

If pozi are your thing, pink-and-flowery Poznaya Altargana is your place, but the tasty plov and meatballs are an equally filling alternative. There’s a larger branch at ul Babushkina 121.
Italian in Chita

Mama Roma

Chequered tablecloths, glass divides, an English menu (!) and pleasant staff make this pizzeria an unexpectedly welcoming experience near the train station, probably as it’s part of a chain.
Canteen in Chita


Nautically themed self-service canteen plating up Eurasian staples for prices so low they’ll shiver your timbers. There’s a fancier restaurant upstairs and look out for the country’s first ‘monument to the New Russi…