Top things to do

Top Choice Mountain in Elbrus Area

Mt Elbrus

Mt Elbrus, enigmatically unusual with two peaks – the western at 5642m and eastern at 5621m – bulges nearly 1000m above anything else in the vicinity. This volcanic cone has upper slopes reputedly coated in ice up t…
Top Choice Russian in Nalchik

Restaurant Sosruko

This architecturally unusual restaurant, at the terminus of the chairlift in Dolinsk Park, comprises the head of local hero Sosruko with an outstretched arm and hand holding a flame. It’s the place to try Kabardian …
Museum in Elbrus Area

Vladimir Vysotsky Alpine Museum

This small but interesting museum is named after the Soviet-era singer-songwriter and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, who was a great fan of the Elbrus region. The museum's exhibits aren't exclusively devoted to Vysotsky, …
Russian in Dombay & Teberda

Café Kristall

This place specialises in Karachay cuisine, including sokhta (a mammoth, sausage-like creation stuffed with minced liver and rice) and dzhyorme (smaller Karachay sausage). Specify weight (in grams) to avoid a hefty …
Russian in Dombay & Teberda

U Zuli

Popular U Zuli draws in Karachay regulars to feast on zharkoye (meat, potatoes and spices served in a sizzling cast-iron pan), buttery khichiny and other regional specialities in a rustic wood-panelled dining room (…
Russian in Elbrus Area

Cafe Ai

This friendly cafe at the first chair-lift stop on Mt Cheget serves tasty Russian and Caucasian dishes, as well as homemade wine (R100 a glass) and souvenir T-shirts. Look out for notices advertising guide services …
Russian in Elbrus Area

Kupol Café

Popular with climbers, this cafe is housed in a cupola-shaped building and is decorated with photos from both Elbrus and Everest expeditions. Serves simple, but tasty Russian and Caucasian dishes with a smile. It's …
Middle Eastern in Nalchik

Arabic Home

If you can't face another khachapuri, head to stylish Arabic Home, located next to the Rossiya hotel. Relax on a comfy sofa or take a window seat with a view of central Nalchik as you enjoy freshly made hummus and t…
Nature Reserve in Dombay & Teberda

Teberdinsky State Natural Biosphere Reserve

This park, near the reserve office in Teberda, has a small museum with stuffed animals and info on wildlife and geology. It also has stiflingly small enclosures with deer, foxes, wolves and other local fauna.
Caucasian in Dombay & Teberda

Cafe Alibek

Enjoy the views of the nearby mountains at this friendly cafe with a stuffed bear in the courtyard. The tasty Caucasian dishes come in generous portions.