Central Caucasus restaurants

Top Choice Caucasian in Nalchik

Tau El

This wooden complex, set on the Cherek Balkarsky River, faces the ruins of largest of the 18 village cleared of Balkars in 1944. They serve delicious shashlyk, salads and the buttery flat bread khichiny.
Top Choice Caucasian in Dombay & Teberda

Kafe Vstrecha

Given its location – beside the second chairlift station high above Dombay – the food here is very reasonably priced. There's a good selection of soups, salads and shashlyk, big steaming manti (steam palm-sized dump…
Top Choice Russian in Elbrus Area


Popular with climbers, this cafe is housed in a metallic cupola-shaped building and is decorated with photos from both Elbrus and Everest expeditions. Their minced-beef Elbrus cutlet (surrounded by a boiled-egg minc…
Caucasian in Nalchik

Restaurant Sosruko

The most interesting thing about this place is the building itself, which is a giant sculpture of the head of local hero Sosruko with an outstretched arm holding a flaming torch. The outdoor tables under canopies pr…
Russian in Elbrus Area

Cafe Elbrusiya

Squaddies from the nearby military base favour this place for its sizzling platters of beef and potatoes covered in melted cheese and enormous pizzas (big enough for two). The menu also has a wider than average rang…
International in Arkhyz

Tramplin 1650

The largest restaurant at Arkhyz ski resort is designed to accommodate hoards of hungry skiers. It has contemporary decor and a crowd-pleasing menu that's not too overpriced considering the location.
Russian in Dombay & Teberda

Café Kristall

As well as the usual Russian dishes and shashlyk this place specialises in Karachay cuisine, including various sausages. Specify weight (in grams) to avoid a hefty meal (and bill). Seating is outside, on a covered b…
Russian in Elbrus Area

Cafe Ai

This friendly cafe at the first chairlift stop on Mt Cheget serves tasty Russian and Caucasian dishes, as well as homemade wine (R100 a glass) and souvenir T-shirts. Look out for notices advertising guide services o…
Turkish in Nalchik


Not far from Nalchik's soccer stadium, this pleasant modern cafe offers a selection of dishes from Turkey, as the owners once lived there. Also on the photo-menu are Russian and Kabardian food, as well as some delic…
Middle Eastern in Nalchik

Arabic Home

If you can't face another khachapuri, head to stylish Arabic Home. Relax on a comfy sofa or take a window seat with a view of central Nalchik as you enjoy freshly made hummus and tasty falafel.