Palace in Moscow

Tsaritsyno Palace

On a wooded hill in far southeast Moscow, Tsaritsyno Palace is a modern-day manifestation of the exotic summer home that Catherine the Great began in 1775 but never finished. Architect Vasily Bazhenov worked on the …
Historic Site in Moscow

Stalin’s Bunker

A branch of the Armed Forces Museum, this secret bunker was built under a sports stadium in the late 1930s in anticipation of the conflict with Germany. You must make advanced arrangements for a group tour of this f…
Palace in Moscow

Great Palace

Historic Site in St Petersburg

Site of Pushkin’s Duel

Russia’s poetic genius, Alexander Pushkin, was fatally wounded in a duel here with the Frenchman Georges d’Anthès on 8 February 1837. A granite monument marks the alleged spot, today a small park surrounded by fast-…