Amusement Park in Adler

Sochi Park

Located in the former Olympic park, this sprawling funfair is sometimes called Russian Disneyland, with 20 'European-standard' rides (including Russia's highest and fastest roller coaster). There are also hands-on a…
Aquarium in Adler

Discovery World Aquarium

If you're not swimming among the fish, or eating the fish, you might considering paying a visit to the fish in the Discovery World Aquarium, which is a reasonably entertaining rainy-day outing. The highlight is the …
Monument in Adler

Lenin Monument

Fans of Soviet kitsch will appreciate Adler's silver-painted Lenin statue. Come out of the central market, turn left and Lenin is waiting for you on the right, some 100m down – what else? – ul Lenina.
Landmark in Adler

Central Market

The central market is a hive of activity, packed with shops, kiosks and produce sellers. It's also the site of Adler's main bus stop.