St Petersburg as a local by USSR car through local flea, food markets and stores

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We will drive you through the city and show you existing city markets that play an important role in the life of the citizens since the foundation of St. Petersburg, tell you about historical markets and their evolution. St.Petersburg was built as a city on the waterway to Europe, in the city's population was always a large number of foreigners, and it was always possible to find a kitchen for every taste. Above all markets are  gastronomic ethnography. Central Asia, China, Transcaucasia, sanctions products. Everywhere different prices, quality and their specialties. In this sense, our driver (city expert) is Virgil, a wide-profile guide who knows where the cheapest mutton is, the most delicious samsa, which Georgian has right lavash and suluguni.If you want we can also choose a day (usually a Saturday or a Sunday) and go to the biggest city flea market.The tour is about St.Petersburg and for sure you will see many main city attractions.

USSR iconic car model VAZ-2101 is the most popular one in period 70's-90's. Nicknamed by folks and known as "Kopejka". All in all the Soviet manufacturer AvtoVAZ produced 4,75 mln. of “Kopejka” cars. Elegant Italian FIAT 124 design, ease in use and availability made this car national symbol of Soviet Union. We have saved and improved few representatives of this family: now every passenger has a safety seat belt, and panoramic roof offers incredible views.We believe that St.Petersburg is the most beautiful city in the world. We want every guest of the city to feel himself here like a local. We love bright and stylish retro-cars VAZ-2101 and everything about their history. We were searching for the alternative to the usual boat tours, excursions on double-decker bus and walking city tours. Our desire to travel made us familiar to different touristic projects all around the world. In Berlin, you can have a tour on GDR-car "Trabant", in Rome you can take Fiat500, in London you will be excited by exclusive excursions on "Mini".We combined all this in our project "Kopejka World" and now offer you to glance into the history of the city of St.Petersburg through the windows of Soviet classic automotive masterpiece."Kopejka World" - unique scenarios of city tours, presented from a new perspective. These are individual guided city tours for everyone, tailored especially for you, as well as group events upon request. We will guiede you through classic sightseen spots curiously connected by us with not usual for common tours places and routs. Believe us, within 2 hours with our movement flexibility you will see St.Petersburg from different outlooks.Контрольная закупка лучших продуктовПикник у обочиныИсторические рыночные площади и центры объединяющие людей сковзь эпохиOur main feature - park of restored legendary VAZ-2101 through its panoramic roof you can observe the city in three dimensions. Some details of the facades, bas-reliefs, high reliefs, warrants, cornices cannot been seen sitting in a normal car or on a bus. In addition, of course, the open roof allows you to fix all the vertical dominants - bell towers, domes and spires - as if you were sailing past on a river tram. In a short time, you will get a volume of visual information greater than with all other ways.Our experts are not usual guides, every one of them loves St.Petersburg and have great joy sharing their versatile city knowledge.Do you live in St. Petersburg for a long time before or you are visiting our city for the first time, we will help you to see it from a different perspective.

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