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Top Choice Asian in Abakan

Food & Bar 114

With its imaginative Asian-themed menu, this ain't your usual hotel restaurant. Turkish pea and quinoa salads provide relief to those suffering under Siberia's carnivore dictatorship. You can also go full Khakassian…
Coffee in Abakan

Travel Coffee

Surfboards that greet you at the entrance perhaps embody the ultimate travel dream one might conceive in a place that can’t be further removed from the nearest ocean. Great hot chocolate and cocoa, as well as unusua…
Museum in Abakan

Khakassia National Museum

The highlight at the National Museum is the atmospherically low-lit hall containing a striking exhibition dedicated to Khakassia’s wealth of standing stones. Curators have erected a kind of mini Stonehenge in the mi…
Georgian in Abakan

Georgian Pastry from USSR

Not terribly authentic (perhaps the unnecessary Soviet nostalgia ingredient is to blame), but still quite tasty khachapuri along with other, less iconic Georgian bread and molten-cheese concoctions are a good reason…
Eastern European in Abakan


Chebureki (Tatar-styled pastry with meat and cheese filling) is the main draw in this slick modern stolovaya (canteen), which also serves standard Russian home-style fare to youthful clientele.
Italian in Abakan

Mama Roma

A reliable source of quality pizzas, pastas and other Apennine fare, this chain restaurant occupies a prime location in the centre of Abakan. It is also about the best breakfast option in town.
Gastropub in Abakan


Tasty European food and local craft beer come together in this tiny new gastrobar. The super-tender lamb fillet with vegetables is our fave.
Cafe in Abakan


Unusually big-windowed corner cafe with frilly lace curtains, proper European-style cafe chairs, the odd leathery bench and decent brews.
Museum in Abakan

Railway Museum

Worth visiting just to experience a Siberian attraction that doesn’t charge admission. Train buffs will find the scale model of Abakan station in 1925, the collection of period railway uniforms and the various overs…
Supermarket in Abakan

Stolichny Supermarket

For picnickers and self-caterers, the self-service Stolichny Supermarket is the city centre’s best-stocked grocery.