Top things to do

Tahitian in Rurutu

Snack Piareare

The decor is nonexistent at this no-frills eatery hidden behind a gate right across from the boat quay in Moerai, but the food is seriously good. The menu is limited to a couple of daily specials, but they’re savour…
Chinese in Rurutu

Tiare Hinano

The vast dining room might not be terribly Polynesian, but it's a great place to sample Chinese staples as well as local favourites.
Beach in Rurutu

Te One Roa

Beach bums in search of a place to wallow will make a beeline for this picture-perfect, white-sand beach on the western coast. Here the lagoon is deep enough for a proper swim. There's no sign – it's about 200m sout…
Cave in Rurutu

Ana Tane Uapoto

On the eastern outskirts of the village of Moerai, near Arei Point, you'll find this large roadside cavern with stalactites and stalagmites. Traditionally this cave was used to salt (for preservation) and divide wha…
Cave in Rurutu

Ana Aeo

This cave, with its massive, oozy-looking stalactites and stalagmites, is the most stunning on the island. It’s 500m north of the Teautamatea pension; there’s a signposted track going to the right that leads to the …
Archaeological Site in Rurutu

Marae Tararoa

Behind Teautamatea pension on the west side of the island are the well-preserved remains of Marae Tararoa, the marae(traditional temple) of the last Rurutu royal family.
Beach in Rurutu

Toataratara Point

This is a sweet, picturesque spot at the southern end of the island. You’ll find a series of photogenic little coves fringed with white-sand beaches. A great spot for a picnic.