Top ChoiceHistoric Hut in Cape Evans

Terra Nova Hut

Scott’s hut from the Terra Nova expedition is steeped in an incredible feeling of history. Here, dog skeletons bleach on the sand in the Antarctic sun, evoking thoughts of Scott’s death march from the Pole. Stand...

Top ChoiceHistoric Hut in Cape Royds

Shackleton’s Hut

Shackleton’s Hut

Shackleton erected this structure on his Nimrod expedition in February 1908. Fifteen men lived in the hut, which is much smaller than Scott’s at Cape Evans, and the feeling inside is still very atmospheric. All...

Base in Pram Point

Scott Base

Compared to McMurdo’s ‘urban sprawl,’ just 3km away by gravel road, New Zealand’s Scott Base looks positively pastoral. An orderly collection of lime-green buildings, Scott Base – named for Robert Scott – was...

Historic Hut in Hut Point

Scott’s Discovery Hut

Scott’s National Antarctic Expedition built this hut in February 1902 on aptly named Hut Point. The prefabricated building, purchased in Australia, is of a type still found in rural Australia, with a wide...

Research Center in McMurdo Station

Crary Science & Engineering Center

Symbolically numbered ‘Building 1,’ this center, usually called the ‘Crary Lab,’ is named for Albert P Crary, a geophysicist and glaciologist who was the first person to visit both the North and South Poles. The...

Notable Building in McMurdo Station

Building 155

Building 155 is McMurdo’s indoor Main St, and the long central corridor is known as Hwy 1. Along it are the dining facility (still known as the Galley from navy days), personnel offices, the recreation...

Church in McMurdo Station

Chapel of the Snows

The white Chapel of the Snows, a 64-seat house of worship with a pretty, penguin-motif stained-glass window and an organ, is the third chapel raised at McMurdo (the first two were destroyed by fire). The Erebus...

Memorial in Cape Evans

Memorial Cross

During the site’s occupation by Shackleton’s Ross Sea party, three members perished while returning from a depot-laying trip. Reverend Arnold Spencer-Smith died of scurvy on March 9, 1916, and two others, Aeneas...

Monument in Cape Evans

Greenpeace Base Plaque

Greenpeace had a year-round base at Cape Evans between 1987 and 1992. It was dismantled and removed in 1991–92. A rather difficult to locate Greenpeace Base Plaque is now all that marks the site. Walk north up...

Landmark in Cape Evans

Aurora Anchors

Two anchors from the Aurora, the ship from the Ross Sea party of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition, remain embedded in sand on Home Beach, one directly in front of the hut, the other 25m north of it.

Memorial in Hut Point

Vince’s Cross

About 75m west of the Discovery hut, an oak cross stands as an enduring memorial to Able Seaman George T Vince, who fell to his death over an ice cliff into McMurdo Sound on March 11, 1902.