Gerhild Gross (0742-077 506) can help arrange 90-minute horse-and-cart trips (60 lei) with the opportunity to see shepherds and blacksmiths perform their traditional crafts. Through Gerhild, you can also visit local women who make felt hats and slippers; you’re encouraged to buy, though there's no hard-sell and delicately hand-stitched goods do the talking.


Book a room in a traditional Saxon home by calling Gerhild Gross (0742-077 506). Simple accommodation with shared bathroom costs around €25 per night, including breakfast and dinner. Ask for a traditional room: some feature 200-year-old Saxon beds, an oversized cabinet with a pullout mattress. For July or August, reserve two months ahead.


Dining options are limited in Viscri, and don’t expect round-the-clock availability. But some guesthouses serve nourishing Saxon fare, and there are a couple of cafes that tend to follow the fortified church’s visiting hours.

Drinking & Nightlife

The only nocturnal soundtrack in Viscri is produced by howling dogs and skittish hens. Fortunately, lively and well-touristed Sighişoara is 30km northwest.