Top things to do in Vama Veche

Top Choice International in Vama Veche


This spacious summertime terrace bar and restaurant, connected to a campground on the northern end of the resort, feels like a relaxing antidote to the general chaos of Vama. Grilled meats, cooked over an enormous o…
Romanian in Vama Veche

Casa Double M

This family-run inn on the main highway that passes through town takes home-cooking to a new level. Traditional Romanian dishes, as well as ample fish and seafood, are paired imaginatively with local sides such as p…
Club in Vama Veche


Expirat is widely considered Vama's premier dance club and weekend parties in July and August routinely last well into the next morning. On off nights, Expirat is a relatively tame cocktail bar with a nice view out …
Seafood in Vama Veche


This informal grill-and-picnic-tables beachfront place draws big crowds, particularly campers from the nearby wild campsites. The fresh fish is grilled on the spot. To find it, follow the main street, Str Ion Creang…
Beach Bar in Vama Veche


This is the oldest and most likeable of several beachside drinking shacks with their signature thatched roofs and picnic tables. To find it, walk down the main drag, Str Ion Creangă, to the beach and turn left.
Music in Vama Veche

Folk You

A wild weekend of folk and rock music on the beach, held annually in July or early August.
Romanian in Vama Veche

Restaurant Lyana

Restaurant Lyana is a popular, convenient spot to grab a quick bite, including a welcome breakfast of omelettes and coffee. Choose from sun-soaked seats along the sidewalk or a cooler, sheltered dining area at the b…
Bar in Vama Veche


This scruffily charming cocktail bar is one of the best places in town to sip your drink while you listen to the roar of the surf. It's located just across the street from the beach on the southern end of Vama Veche…