Bicycle Hire in Braşov


Hire a two-wheeler from this kiosk in Braşov's main square.
Bus Station in Braşov

Bus Station 1

The most accessible station is Bus Station 1, next to the train station.
Bus Station in Braşov

Bus Station 2

Bus Station 2, 1km northwest of the train station, sends half-hourly buses marked ‘Moieciu-Bran’ to Râşnov (4 lei, 25 minutes) and Bran (7 lei, 40 minutes) from roughly 6.30am to 9pm. Take bus 12 to/from the centre …
Bus in Braşov

Livada Poștei Bus Stop

Bus stop for services to Poiana Braşov (bus 20, 5 lei, 20 minutes). To reach Livada Poștei bus stop get bus 4 from the train station. Buy your ticket from a kiosk before boarding.
Bus Station in Sibiu

Bus Station Q7

Bus station southwest of central Sibiu, offering services to many of the same destinations as the main Transmixt bus station.
Cable Car in Deva


The funicular up to Deva's citadel climbs a very steep incline, so hang on tight while you snap photos of the surrounding hills and farmland.
Bus in Sighişoara

Main Bus Station

Main bus station located next to the train station. Exit the train station and make a left.
Airline in Sibiu


Budget airline connecting Sibiu with European destinations, including Brussels, Dortmund, Madrid and London (Luton).
Car Rental in Sibiu


Typically has the best rates, from €39 per day (or from €28 for long rentals). Also has an office at Sibiu Airport.
Cable Car in Around Braşov

Râşnov Fortress Lift

Save energy by boarding the lift from Râşnov village up to the fortress.