Architecture in Sâmbăta

Castelul de Lut Valea Zanelor

Resembling a gnome village, the Castelul de Lut complex has been created from clay, sand and pure whimsy. The self-styled 'clay castle of pixie valley' was built in the midst of tumbledown Porumbacu de Sus village, …
Notable Building in Târgu Mureş

County Council Building

Next door to the Culture Palace is the County Council Building (1905–7), also secessionist in style. Its decorative orange and green tiled roof and ornate 60m watchtower have made it one of Târgu Mureş' most photogr…
Notable Building in Cluj-Napoca

Matthias Corvinus House

A block south of the National History Museum is the birthplace of Matthias Corvinus, a 15th-century Hungarian king. This Gothic building is now the library of Cluj university’s Faculty of Arts.
Notable Building in Alba Iulia

Union Hall

Within this 1900-built hall, the union between Romania and Transylvania was signed and sealed on 1 December 1918. The National Union Museum is opposite.
Notable Building in Miercurea Ciuc

City Hall

Miercurea Ciuc's City Hall is a pretty sight, painted yellow and white with rose windows.