Church in Sibiu

Biserica Evanghelică

The Gothic church, built from 1300 to 1520, was closed and covered in scaffolding during our research due to long-term renovation. The work should be complete by 2016. Once the church reopens, visitors will again be…
Museum in Târgu Mureş

Ethnographic Museum

On the square’s western side, just past adjoining Piaţa Teatrul, is the simple Ethnographic Museum, housed in the baroque Toldalagi Palace (1762). The collection of traditional fabrics, pots, looms and tools is dryl…
Castle in Alba Iulia

Alba Carolina Citadel

The imposing Alba Carolina Citadel, richly carved with sculptures and reliefs in a baroque style, is the dominant sight of the city of Alba Iulia, and worth stopping to see for a couple of hours. It was originally c…
Castle in Southwest Transylvania

Corvin Castle

This creepy Gothic castle, with its drawbridge over a rushing river, leaps from all your favourite horror films but seems incongruously close to the industrialised, scarified buildings around it. And while it might …
Top Choice Hotel in Bârgău Valley

Hotel Castle Dracula

Positioned roughly on the promontory where the Count's castle would have stood, Hotel Castle Dracula is lazily Gothic from the outside, but more interesting within (particularly in reception, where a stuffed hawk, w…
Museum in Braşov

Art Museum

A block west of the Heroe's Cemetery is the Art Museum housing a mix-match of Romanian paintings and decorative arts.
Church in Braşov

Black Church

Braşov’s main landmark, the Black Church is the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul, and still used by German Lutherans today. Built between 1383 and 1480, it was named for its appearance after a fire …
Museum in Braşov

Braşov Historical Museum

The old city hall today houses the two-floor, by-the-numbers Braşov Historical Museum, in which the history of the Saxon guilds is recounted (in limited English).
Historic Building in Braşov


In 1524 a new wooden citadel was built in Braşov, on top of Citadel Hill just north, though the stone wall ruins you now see are from the 16th and 17th centuries. Today it houses a couple of beer patios.
Museum in Braşov

Ethnographic Museum

A block west of the Heroe's Cemetery, adjoining the Art Museum, is the Ethnographic Museum. There are laminated handouts (in English, German and French) explaining exhibits; ask for a demo of the early 20th-century …