Danube Delta Kayak Tours, Tulcea - Sulina, 7d6n - program 2019

Multi-day & Extended Tours, Departure is from Port Tulcea Aval. The port is listed on Google Maps, Waze and other GPS devices. If you can't manage, please call or send SMS or Wapp msg on the provided phone number. *This place is NOT on the City Promenade, is the small private port downstream the Promenade. to If you come back with the public transport, the station is in Tulcea City center (on the Promenade).If you come back by speed private boats, you'll be dropoff in the same place as the departure.
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Tour description

It is a kayak tour for paddlers with an average degree of experience in camping, used to sleep in a tent and compact the luggage. It is not a difficult tour but we must be careful to respect the key points of camping every night, as scheduled. The 1st and 4th night are obligatory to sleep in tent (there is no alternative), into the wild, on nights 2 and 3 you’ll camp in the courtyard of a local, in Mila23, with access to the shower and toilet or you can take accommodation at a local guesthouse (optional). On nights 5 and 6, you can choose between tent or local accommodation in Letea and Sulina.6 days of kayaking through the Danube Delta, an exceptional guide, a magnificent route, unforgettable nights in tent.

Day 1 - Meeting at Tulcea (at 12:00) to Port Aval - Tulcea, put kayaks on the water and start the tour.There will be a long halfday paddling, you’ll have a very good instructor who will show you all you need to know.Day 2 - Around 7:00 am wake up and prepare the breakfast (on your own), after that you start a new tour. In the evening you’ll camp in Mila23 Village, in a local courtyard. In the village are shops so you can refresh your water/food supply.*In this place you can order also meals (dinner and breakfast).Days 3 -  4 You wake up and start in a exploring tour of wild places of the Danube Delta, watch the birds and vegetation in this unique area in the world.Day 5 - You’ll go to Letea village, you’ll have on your right the largest pelicans colony in Europe so you’ll see a lot of pelicans. At noon you’ll be in Letea where (optional) you can visit Letea Forest or you can eat a traditional lunch in the village, at a local house (tour guide will handle the bookings, if you want to visit the forest or to eat lunch, you have to tel to the guide in the morning. In the village are shops where you can buy water / food but the offer is quite limited, are small village shops.Day 6 - Today you’ll finish the kayaking tour to Sulina, the city near the Black Sea! You’ll paddle downstream on the Danube to the city basin. Under no circumstances will not exit to the Sea through the navigation chanel, heavy ship traffic can be dangerous for inexperienced paddlers. In the evening, the tour is ending and we'll pick-up the kayaks.Day 7 - You can leave Sulina (if you want) with passenger ships of Navrom (recommended!), at 7:00 or take a speed boat for transfer (we can do the bookings for you).The kayaks we use, are touring kayaks, very good quality, single or double (when you book, please let us know what kind of kayak do you want).Please have you: • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad • Seasonal clothing - sun hat, long sleeve blouses, warm clothes for the evening / morning. Necessarily thin waterproof clothing. • Sun Protection Solutions • Reppelent solutions • You can take hydration solutions, energizing juices (NOT RedBull but athlete variants) and sweets for energy during the day. • Waterproof protection for mobile and photo equipment • Impermeable bags for clothing and equipment • All the food and water you'll need. You can take from Tulcea only what you need for first 2 days, in Mila23 you can buy fresh food and water. In a kayak, you can get wet so everything sensitive to water have to be protected (phones, cameras etc). You have to take with you only what is necessary, the space in kayak si limited.

What's included

  • Renting a place in a kayak during this tour (please tell us if you want single or double kayak)
  • Instructor (ENGLISH language), will go you in a single kayak.
  • 2 nights of camping in a local courtyard (with acces to shower and toilete)
  • Visitors fee to the Danube Delta.

What's not included

  • All camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag etc)
  • Food and water (or other drinks)
  • Any kind of insurance (travel / luggage / life)