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Top Choice Museum in Timişoara

Museum of the 1989 Revolution

This is an ideal venue to brush up on the December 1989 anticommunist revolution that began here in Timişoara. Displays include documentation, posters and photography from those fateful days, capped by a graphic 20-…
Top Choice International in Timişoara


Probably Timișoara's finest restaurant, Caruso serves superb international and New Romanian cuisine that puts a 21st-century spin on old favourites. Foie gras with cocoa? Breast of pigeon with pear mouse? Or try vea…
Top Choice Romanian in Timişoara

Casa Bunicii

The names translate to 'Granny's House' and indeed this casual, family-friendly restaurant specialises in home cooking and regional specialities from the Banat, with an emphasis on dishes based on spätzle (egg noodl…
Museum in Timişoara

Communist Consumers Museum

This museum houses an odd collection of pre-1989 consumer goods manufactured in Romania. It fills to the point of overflowing three rooms and a hallway below a popular cafe south of the centre. Most of the toys, app…
Cafe in Timişoara

Scârţ loc lejer

An old villa that's been retro-fitted into a funky coffeehouse called something like the 'Creaky Door', with old prints on the walls and chill tunes on the turntable. There are several cosy rooms in which to read an…
Synagogue in Timişoara

Synagogue in the Fortress

Built in 1865 by Viennese architect Ignatz Schuhmann, the synagogue acts as an important keynote in Jewish history – Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire were emancipated in 1864, when permission was given to build t…
Live Music in Timişoara

La Căpiţe

Shaggy riverside beer garden and alternative hang-out strategically located across the street from the university, ensuring lively crowds on warm summer evenings. Most nights have live music or DJs. The name transla…
Cafe in Timişoara


This trendy art club, cafe and bar occupies a courtyard of an old building two blocks west of Piaţa Unirii and has eclectic furnishings and an alternative, student vibe. There are no signs to let you know you're her…
Romanian in Timişoara


Reservations are a must to nab a spot on the terrace at this popular, casual Romanian restaurant with a reputation for grilled meats. Nora is about 2km out of the centre to the southwest but worth the taxi fare (10 …
Church in Timişoara

Reformed Church

The 1989 revolution began at the Reformed Church, where Father László Tőkés spoke out against Ceauşescu. You can sometimes peek in at the church, and it is usually open during times of worship.