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Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Trip to Timisoara from Belgrade

Explore Timisoara on this 10-hour, private tour from Belgrade. Your guide will lead you on a comprehensive tour of this city’s vibrant cultural life as well as its historical heritage. Then, enjoy free time in the city to explore independently or taste some traditional Romanian meals (at own expense). At the end of your time in Timisoara, you will be transported back to your original departure point in Belgrade.
11 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Private Day Tour to Danube Gorges from Timisoara

One day at The Danube Gorge– nature, beauty, historyWe invite you in the most beautiful part of the Danube, The Danube Gorge.The old Danube will mesmerise us with the stories, the impressive history, and the stunning landscapes with the trail carved through the mountains.
1 day
Cultural & Theme Tours

The Classic Tour

Art Nouveau, Baroque, Beer, Capital City of Hungary, Catholics, Communism, Eastern Orthodox Church, Electric Light, Freedom, French, Germans, Hammam, Illy Coffee, Islam, Joannes Corvinus, Johann Strauss, Judaism, Maria Theresa, Mongols, Multiculturalism, Nobel Prize, Oppression, Ottoman Empire, Plague epidemic, Romanian Revolution, Secession, Siege, Silk worms, Spanish mercenaries, Swamps, Tolerance, Vauban Fortress, Each word above has something to do with Timisoara. Above, they are alphabetically ordered. Join the tour and we will arrange them chronologically, in the best city tour in Romania (according to TripAdvisor). All the words will find their place in the final clear image you'll have about Timisoara, at the end of the tour.  Can't wait to meet you!
2.5 hours
Shore Excursions

Full day in Banat

Book your full day trip in Banat Region. Enjoy the complimentary pick up from your accommodation in Timisoara and explore the South-Western part of Romania in the company of a professional guide. See the most spectacular part of Danube, the 2nd largest river of Europe. Enjoy the view of the largest rock sculpture in Europe - Decebalus. Take the cruise on a small boat and see the stoning views of "The Couldrons" fron the water. Enjoy an excellent lunch in a restaurant on the Danube's shore. See Bigar Waterfall, considered to be the most beautiful waterfall in the world. Enjoy the complimentary drop-off at your accommodation in Timisoara.The minimum no of persons for this tour is 3. The tour is not operated if the minimum no of persons was not reached.
13 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Timisoara All in One - Walking and Car Tour

Timisoara is that place where you don't know why are you going, but you feel very good once arrived there. We'll combine a walking tour in the Old Town with a car ride in the other neighborhoods of the city. We'll explore the city one end to another and we'll talk about old history as well as about the most recent events. Time for lunch in a restaurant according to your preferences.  Fun facts, trivia and recommendations about food and drinks are included :) .
7 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

One Day in Transylvania - Departure from Timisoara

This full day tour (~12 hours) includes pick up and drop off at your accommodation in Timisoara and visits to 4 sights. The tour is mainly a historical one (you'll here the history of Romania presented chronologically), but we can talk as well about Romania today. We'll cross the Carpathian Mountains twice admiring beautiful landscapes and we'll taste Romanian food in one of the local restaurants next to the Corvins' Castle.
1 day
Cultural & Theme Tours

The Jewish Heritage Tour of Timisoara

Timisoara might not have the famous Jewish attractions of Josefov quarter in Prague, but for sure is equal generous with its Jewish-related life-stories and historical events. Moreover, brilliant natives of Jewish ethnicity changed for the better Timisoara and surrounding region. Alongside the impressive synagogues, a large number of Timisoara’s valuable buildings were either financed or designed by Jewish townsmen.All of these above mentioned are parts of the Jewish heritage of Timisoara, and we are inviting you to discover it!
3 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

The Grand Tour of Communist Ages at Timisoara

In December 1989 the communist Romania could be considered as a mental-hospital where the lunatics were running the asylum and the “internees” were punished for their sanity. How did we get to have one of the most symbolic dictatorship regimes in the modern history? What and who are to be blamed for this tragic condition? And not the last, how did courageous people stood-up and repudiated the evil leaders?   The Grand Tour of Communist Ages is trying to provide answers to these complex questions, and not only.
5 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Come & Go Private Transfer from-to Timisoara Airport

Book a private transfer from Timisoara Airport(Traian Vuia TSR) to your home/office/hotel in Timisoara. All our drivers are professional and very well trained and will wait for you with a pick-up sheet right in front of the arrival terminal. All our cars are fully equipped with air conditioning, security, and audio systems.
30 minutes
Transfers & Ground Transport

Come and Go Private Transfer from or to Timisoara to Budapest

Book a private transfer from Timisoara Airport or from your address in Timisoara to Budapest Airport or to your hotel inside the city. All our drivers are professional and very well trained and will wait for you with a pick-up sheet right in front of the arrival terminal. All our cars are fully equipped with air conditioning, security, and audio systems.
3 hours